At every level of our organisation, from management to drivers, we are focused on safety.


We make no compromises, taking all the necessary practical steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, our customers and the general public. We all work safe, to ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy everyday.

Dingo’s strategies ensure a safe supply chain work environment for all and relies on client supply chain integration supported by our client’s own safety culture, systems, processes, measurement and reporting.
Dingo’s safety strategies are client centric, building client specific procedures with ongoing training for safe and consistent outcomes for all parties. We do this through a solid and formal task analysis, in consultation with key stakeholders, including reviewing data, and conducting risk assessments to review physical operation and client site environments.
It is only by working together in partnership that we, Dingo Distribution Services and our clients, can protect everyone throughout the supply chain and deliver business critical outcomes including:
  • zero injuries
  • brand protection
  • realistic and workable operational solutions
  • proactive rather than reactive strategies.